Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to finish landscaping my lot?

All home owners are required to complete the submitted landscaping within one year of initial occupancy.

Can I let my pets run loose in the community?

Pets need exercise (it’s good for people too), but please do not allow your pets to run loose.

How does the HOA enforce the rules?

Disciplinary actions by a HOA are typically in the form of fines, but in more serious cases may go as far as a lien on the property.

How much are my Homeowner Association assessments/dues?

Oak Springs homeowners are required to pay quarterly dues of $60.  OAK SPRINGS COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION P.O. BOX 4786 BOZEMAN, MT 59772

I am interested in making a modification and or addition to my property, do I need approval?

Yes, any improvements to your lot require approval from the ARC.  Please submit your requests to

If I buy a home within Oak Springs, do I have to belong to the HOA?

Yes, every owner of a lot is a member of the HOA.

Is there a sign up to use the Pavilion in our park?

Our park is designated as a Bozeman city park and be used by anyone.  The use of the pavilion is on a first come first service basis.

Taking Care of Our Pets

– pick up after your pets

– leash pets when on walkways and around others

– don’t feed or touch others’ pets without the owners permission

– pet waste stations may be relocated during park project construction beginning this month

What are the guidelines for the property appearance and maintenance?

It is the responsibility of each homeowner to maintain the appearance of their property.

Where can I park?

RV/Automobiles. Boats. trailers, vehicles larger than a standard pick-up, tractors, campers, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, etc. when not in actual use shall be kept in a screened or hard paved area in a sideyard. No parking shall be permitted of these vehicle types on the public right-of-way or in alleys (unless in a designated parking area). All automobiles shall be parked in their respective garages, or on the driveways leading to the garage. All recreation vehicles shall be stored within enclosed or covered parking or offsite.

As per the Oak Springs Covenants:
“Pg 24. Section 30. Parking, RV/Automobiles: ….All automobiles shall be parked in their respective garages or on the driveways leading to the garage. All recreation vehicles shall be stored within enclosed or covered parking or offsite.”

Parking overnight on the streets is not allowed. Please utilize your garage and driveway for your automobile parking. If street parking must be used, we are asking that you at least park in front of YOUR home. Recreational vehicles need to be enclosed, screened, or on a parking pad in a side yard.
If street parking is abused you will be subject to fines.
Oak Spring’s residents will appreciate your cooperation!

Who do I contact about an abandoned vehicle?

In Bozeman, vehicles or trailers parked on a public street or highway must be moved every 48 hours.  A vehicle or trailer clearly left parked on a public street over 5 days will be ticketed and flagged as abandoned to allow the registered owner an opportunity to address the problem and move the vehicle or trailer.   Please call the Police Department at 406-582-2000 to report the violation.

Who is responsible for snow removal?

Residential sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours of any accumulation.  The HOA will remove the snow from the streets and common areas if the accumulation is greater than three inches.