Architectural Control


At this time, the Architectural Control Committee is meeting adjacent to the main Board meeting each month. The meeting is generally on the second Sunday of the month at the home of a Board member. Residents are welcome to attend meetings at any time.

If you need to attend a meeting to address an architectural issue, please email us in advance so we can share the details of our next meeting!

Diane Scott is currently the Chair of the Architectural Control Committee. If you would like to volunteer to serve on the ACC, please email us.

Architectural Control Committee Forms

Item 17 of the Addendum to Article V: Conditions and Restrictions reads, "All new projects and construction must be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee for approval. Changes to paint color, fence, [or] other structural elements defines in the covenants must be submitted to the architectural committee for approval."

Architectural Changes include, but are not limited to, anything constructed within view of the street, as well as changes to your property that may affect adjacent neighbors, such as drains or utility sheds. When in doubt, submit the Architectural Changes form below, and a member of the ACC will be in touch shortly.

In order to streamline approvals, there are separate forms available for different types of architectural modifications. Please select the form below that best suits your needs: