Safety Recommendations

These safety tips are general recommendations ONLY and are not an exhaustive list of steps you should take to keep your home, family, and the neighborhood safe.

  1. It is best practice to drive less than 20 mph on our narrow residential streets. Keep your eyes on the road and be aware of pedestrians and pets!

  2. When visitors to your home park on the street, please only park on one side of the street, facing in the correct flow of traffic, and never create narrow passages that would prevent emergency services from accessing anyone's home.

  3. Be cautious when holding fires in fire pits. Item 14 of our Amendments to Article V dictates that fires are restricted to fire pits. Please note that, although recreational campfires are exempt from the Georgia Summer Burn Ban (May 1 - Sept 30 each year), you should still practice reasonable fire safety, including never leaving a fire unattended and having an extinguishing source available at all times.

      • Open burning of yard debris is NEVER appropriate in our neighborhood. (Even during the non-burn-ban-season, our lots are too small to follow the Georgia Forestry Commission rules for hand-piled yard debris.)

      • Before choosing to have a fire in a firepit, it is a good idea to check the local weather for Fire Danger conditions.

  4. Ensure your smoke detectors are tested regularly and kept in working condition. Sleep with bedroom doors closed to give you extra time to escape safely. Create and practice a fire escape plan with your family. is a reliable resource for home fire safety.