Info for Residents

  1. There is an UNOFFICIAL Facebook group for the neighborhood - CLICK HERE to request to join!

  2. Please Update your Contact Information when you move in, and anytime your information changes. HERE is the form.

  3. Please REVIEW the Conditions and Restrictions of the neighborhood to ensure compliance.

  4. Parking on sidewalks is prohibited. Vehicles should not be parked in the street overnight. Vehicles parked on the street temporarily should always be parked with the flow of traffic and should NEVER create blocks for emergency vehicle access.

  5. Trash Day is every Tuesday, and Recycling is picked up every-other Tuesday. Just watch your neighbors to find out if it's an "on" or "off" week for Recycling. Please remember to only put your cans out the night before Trash/Recycling Day and to bring them in no later than the day after pickup day. See WastePro USA - Athens for further information.

  6. HOA dues are currently $110/year and are collected each year, due in January. If you have purchased a home, the current year's dues should have been handled through your closing attorney, but look out for next year's dues letter. If you are renting a home, please make sure the Board has your property owner and/or management company's information for seamless forwarding of dues information.

  7. Common Areas: The lot where the mailboxes are, including the pond behind, is common neighborhood property owned by the HOA. This land is accessible to all residents, but the user assumes all risk. You may fish in the pond, but please do not disturb the adjacent residents, and do not block traffic or mailbox access if you park near the pond.

  8. If your home backs up to Oak Spring Street or otherwise has a back fence that was originally installed by the builder, the fence belongs to the homeowner. The HOA is NOT responsible for maintenance or repairs of those fences.

  9. As the roads in our neighborhood are currently un-dedicated to the City of Statham, the sidewalks in front of your home are currently the homeowner's responsibility for maintenance/upkeep. Please reach out to the Board if you have any questions about this.